The primary intent of the "Gospel Plaques Ministry" is to engrave Portions of God' Word (Scriptures) onto suitable sized wood boards, to simply freely give them away to individuals and church groups. We sincerely pray that each of these Scripture engravings are a continual blessing to those who have placed them for viewing.

 This ministry is to publish God's Word, like as in a Gospel Tract, but as a simple engraving on a slab of wood, that can be either placed in view, or hung in view. Appropriate verses are selected to encourage or admonish all of us to faithfully serve our Lord God in His Service.

Based on where our Lord God says: "My word will not return unto Me void" (Isaiah 55:11), we believe that this ministry is an oportunity to present various Scriptures to a number of folks to allow them to worship the God of of the universe.